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What is the abbreviation of PVA?
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As the water soluble film manufacturer, will take you to know what is the abbreviation of PVA. What is the introduction of PVA as a building material? The abbreviation of PVA polyvinyl alcohol is PVA, and its full name is Polyvinyl Alcohol. PVA is a widely used water-soluble polymer. Its performance lies between plastic and rubber.

PVA Powder

PVA polyvinyl alcohol is a white powder, flake or flocculent solid, and its glass transition temperature is 60~85°C.

Polyvinyl alcohol contains many polar alcohol groups, which can form hydrogen bonds with water, so it is soluble in polar water. Polyvinyl alcohol is also soluble in hot hydroxyl solvents, such as glycerin and phenol, but insoluble in general organic solvents, such as methanol, benzene, acetone and gasoline.

According to the degree of polymerization, it can be divided into ultra-high degree of polymerization (molecular weight of 165,325~300,000), high degree of polymerization (molecular weight of 170,000~220,000), medium degree of polymerization (molecular weight of 120,000~150,000) and low internal degree of polymerization (molecular weight of 25,000~35,000). Generally, there are three kinds of alcoholism: complete alcoholism (98~100%), partial alcoholism (87~89%) and 78%.

The chemical properties of PVA polyvinyl alcohol

PVA can be considered as a linear polymer with secondary hydroxyl groups. The hydroxyl group in the molecule has high activity, and can carry out typical chemical reactions with lower alcohols, such as esterification, etherification, acetal, etc., and can react with many inorganic or organic compounds. This is an ordinary glue! Be the glue!

Physical properties of PVA polyvinyl alcohol

A. Chemical resistance: PVA is hardly affected by weak acids, weak bases or organic solvents, and has high oil resistance.

B. Thermal stability: Polyvinyl alcohol will become soft after heating and will not change significantly below 40°C. Above 160°C, heating for a long time will gradually change color; above 220°C, it will decompose and produce water, acetic acid, acetaldehyde and butyraldehyde.

The most important features of PVA for is:

Pva film

Solubility: PVA powder is soluble in water at room temperature.

Storage stability: PVA is a low-viscosity polymer, and its aqueous solution is stable at room temperature. The aqueous solution will not deteriorate during the containment process.

Film-forming: Due to the high adhesion between PVA elements, PVA is easy to form a film. The formed film is colorless and transparent, has good mechanical strength, smooth surface but not sticky and good solubility. Good light transmittance, high moisture permeability, no charge, no dust absorption, good printing effect.

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